Texture & Natural Color Disclaimer:

HAU extensions are separated into three categories: straight, wavy and curly. Since each bundle is from a distinct individual, each one has its own specific and unique characteristics.Though very similar, no two bundles are the exact same in texture,color and pattern. As we try our best to pair the most alike bundles together, it’s possible to receive bundles that are slightly to moderately different in color shade and texture.

All HAIR comes in its natural off black to medium light brown shades. We do try our best to pair bundles with similar patterns and color shades however, it’s not a guarantee you’ll receive the exact same bundles in color and or texture.

All Hair is Single Drawn, which means there will be various lengths throughout weft.

SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER:The photos on our social media reflect the typical texture of a bundle in each category; however the bundle(s) you receive may slightly vary.


Any hair that has been manufactured and stitched onto a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding. However, Sewing through the wefts will cause the wefts to loosen, unravel, and shed excessively.

To keep your wefts in good condition and reusable, we suggest sewing around the wefts. In addition, we also suggest putting a drop of weft sealer adhesive on each end of the cut wefts to help prevent shedding .

We DON’T offer any Refunds or Exchanges on Shedding once hair has been installed.


Hair Coloring|Chemical Processing Disclaimer: On All Extensions:

All of our virgin human hair textures can be colored to your desire. However please keep in mind whenever virgin hair is chemically processed there's a risk that the hair’s natural pattern can be altered. Chemically processing human hair can run the risk of altering its integrity meaning its natural pattern can loosen as well as become subjected to brittleness, dryness and overall change of texture pattern and shedding etc. This can happen even if the hair was not over processed or bleached due to certain chemicals within the color products. Especially with the use drugstore bought hair color.

Therefore, it's extremely important to consult with a professional colorist before applying any chemicals to the hair. We suggest to hydrate, deep condition to add moisture & manageability back into the hairs cuticles.

Please note: Due to the nature of virgin hair, our policy doesn’t provide any exchanges or refunds once extensions have been taking out of its original natural form and color treated by any sort of chemical process. As we cannot verify the chemicals used and or the processing time the chemicals were left on the hair.

Chemically Treating Lace ie: Closures|Frontals & Wigs

Bleaching the knots of any lace if not done extremely gentle and properly runs the risk of damage. Unfortunately we are unable to determine the process used by yourself or stylist to determine what precautions and steps were taking at the time of process. Therefore, once a customer has taking the hair out of its original/ natural state all sales are final.


All of our hair is single drawn meaning the hair is stitched onto the weft exactly how it grew off the individual's head, a single donor. Single drawn hair contains various lengths throughout the bundle. However, the overall length is determined by the longest hair strands.


Your hair extensions should be measured to the end of the hair.
Start 0 at the weft and measure to the ends of the bundle. All curly & wavy hair extensions must be measured by pulling the hair straight. Again, start 0 at the weft; pull the hair straight from the ends, and the length will be at the tips of the hair. Each bundle will not measure exactly when it is still wrapped in its band, as tension can affect the fall of each strand.